July 1st,2020

Tribecca Allie cafe wishes everyone a Happy Independence Day weekend.

Please take moment to thank all who have served and those who continue to serve this great nation.

Tribecca Allie will be CLOSED for a for a quick (we hope) remodel so that we can serve our customers in a more efficient and friendly manner during this COVID 19 period and beyond.

We are sorry for this inconvenience but we do think it is best for the long run and our continuance of business.

Thank you for your understanding we look forward to
serving you in the future and will keep you updated with our progress.
God bless and thank you all for your continued support.

Stay safe,
Becca Dutch and the Tribecca staff

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Doughs From Scratch & Brick Oven Baking

Each and every dough that passes through our brick oven is carefully crafted, measured, and kneaded by our very own owners. Family owned and operated, great love, passion, and joy goes into making TriBecca Allie Cafe an incredible place to visit. 


We make our pizzas right when they are ordered and served immediately, great pride goes into making each pizza better than the last.


Desserts Next Door

Frogs Pearl will be temporarily CLOSED until further notice. 

Our very own Frog's Pearl Station is right next door serving desserts and espressos in a quaint Victorian-style cafe full of southern charm, board games, and plenty of places to sit. There is a beautiful gated outdoor patio between TriBecca Allie Cafe & Frog's Pearl Station for our guests to enjoy.


Come before pizza, come after, just come and be.

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