September 24-26, 2020

We are open Thursday Friday and Saturday 4-8pm

We offer curbside,
Patio dining, Picnicking” thanks to our lovely group from Arkansas for reminding me how much fun it is!

And limited Dine in with tables of  two and four  tops.

 We are offering fast casual service .order at the counter, pay, pick up your food and be seated.
 We will be using disposable and ask that you clear your table and open it down with sanitizer for the next customer.
Our limited staff will do everything they can  to assist and reset for the next customer

Thursday special
Chicken cobbler  as mini family special  servers 3-4ppl

Red beans and rice with andouille sausage 1 quart of beans and sausage 1 pint of rice 2-3ppl
Or 2 quarts and 1 quart of rice

Sicilian pizza  individual one topping
A thick fluffy cloud of pizza happiness

Chicken ,shrimp and pimento cheese will be available
Bread and desserts as well!

We so enjoyed having these happy “picnickers” on the grassy area in front of Frogspearl!


Doughs From Scratch & Brick Oven Baking

Each and every dough that passes through our brick oven is carefully crafted, measured, and kneaded by our very own owners. Family owned and operated, great love, passion, and joy goes into making TriBecca Allie Cafe an incredible place to visit. 

We make our pizzas right when they are ordered and served immediately, great pride goes into making each pizza better than the last.


Desserts Next Door

Frogs Pearl will be temporarily CLOSED until further notice. 

Our very own Frog's Pearl Station is right next door serving desserts and espressos in a quaint Victorian-style cafe full of southern charm, board games, and plenty of places to sit. There is a beautiful gated outdoor patio between TriBecca Allie Cafe & Frog's Pearl Station for our guests to enjoy.


Come before pizza, come after, just come and be.

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