May 6,7,8 2021

Happy Mothers Day 

Unfortunately we will Not be open for Mothers day service. With out a full staff this would be an impossible task. We apologize for any inconvenience and we wish we could serve you , instead we will just wish you a lovely day.

Becca, Dutch and Lynda

Tribecca Allie will be open
Thursday, Friday and Saturday 4:30-8:00


Dining inside is limited and outside
We have counter service no longer table service
No tables larger than 5

Pizza menu is available whenever we are open
Fresh and frozen!

***Specials this week && important note.... 

Specials are not available this week

sorry for any inconvenience

Bulk Items:
Chicken salad
Shrimp salads
Pimento cheese
Homemade bread - fresh & frozen


Please check availability when you call -[=Chicken salad, shrimp salad pimento cheese and hummus are available by 1 lb and 1/2 lb contains Fresh baked bread as well!

Vaccuum Sealed Frozen Pizza-
We are vacuum sealing our Neapolitan style pizza and freezing it for the best frozen pizza ever! Just 15-20 min in 350 oven to total enjoyment

$12.00 - one topping

View our updated menu online, here

In addition to the limited indoor seating, there are shaded, fanned and heated outdoor dining areas on the patio and porches. We will rely on our guests to enjoy their food and clear their own tables, as we will have no table service.


Looking forward to serving you all 🥰





Doughs From Scratch & Brick Oven Baking

Each and every dough that passes through our brick oven is carefully crafted, measured, and kneaded by our very own owners. Family owned and operated, great love, passion, and joy goes into making TriBecca Allie Cafe an incredible place to visit. 

We make our pizzas right when they are ordered and served immediately, great pride goes into making each pizza better than the last.


TAC Art of Food Spotlight

(Video coming soon!)


Work Space Next Door

In the quiet of Sardis, Frogs Pearl Station has recently transitioned into a home-away-from-home office space rental. 

Please click here to learn more.


There is a beautiful gated outdoor patio between TriBecca Allie Cafe & Frog's Pearl Station for our guests to enjoy.


Come before pizza, come after, just come and be.